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What Games Do Mice Play?

I have heard plenty of stories of people who are sure that mice are trying to outsmart them with their control efforts. Maybe it is trap dodging. Sometimes it is taking the bait from a trap without getting caught. Other times it is sneaky ways of stealing food. Movies prime us to personify mice, but what games do mice play?

The line judge

Tennis Champs

My son recently found a love for tennis. We had an open afternoon so we shot over to the court. I was celebrating a solid ace of a serve when my son told me he had stopped playing because a mouse entered the court. Sure enough, our game was interrupted while we watched this young pup scurry around.

Yes, this mouse interrupted our game. This was trivial, but the interruptions in our lives can be much less so. This is especially true when you consider:

  • the unnecessary mental stress they can cause
  • time and resources to control them
  • interruptions to health that can come from contamination
Playing a little too close to the net

Additionally, the metaphorical presence of the mouse on the tennis court made me chuckle. All too often home and business owners end up in a proverbial volley tossing control and evasion efforts back and forth at each other.

Hide & Seek

As is clear by the mouse’s behavior, they are fans of hide and seek. They are quick to run and quick to find a place of cover. This means that when they are in our homes, they may be inside for far too long before we realize it. Rodents will always be pressuring our structures. They want in worse than my son wants to be the next tennis champ.

Can you find the mouse’s hiding spot?

Game Over

There is a huge difference in the style of play that occurred between my son and me compared to professional tennis players. This is the case in all walks of life and thankfully applies to pest control as well. The control measures taken by our rodent control professionals at Rove Pest Control will allow you to return to your life and all of its other games without rodent interruption.