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Detroit Cockroach Control

Late night intruders

Interior Service

After heading home from a late night at a Lions game, you’d expect to find your home empty; unfortunately it’s not. As you flick on the kitchen light, you see a tiny blur of movement race across the floor under the stove. It startles you and makes you sick to your stomach at the same time because it’s most likely the infamous German cockroach.

Not Just a Creepy Nightmare

Cockroaches love to hide in the tiny dark spaces in your home. This means they will squeeze under fridges and stoves, between stoves and ovens, in between walls and piles of garbage, and even in tight places around the toilet and plumbing.

Since they hide in these gross places, they also tend to carry a lot of diseases. This means when they go climbing over your Jet’s Pizza box in search of their midnight snack of grease and crumbs, they are leaving behind bacteria, such as E. coli, Salmonella, parasitic worms and more than seven other pathogens. Gross!

Do you smell what the roach is cooking?

Beyond the many diseases cockroaches carry, they also have been linked to causing allergic reactions in people. Traces of proteins found in roach feces and saliva are well known triggers for asthma attacks, especially in children. Roach rashes have also been known to appear with those who have sensitive skin. As roach numbers increase throughout your home, you may start to notice a musty greasy smell in your home as well.


You don’t have to live with cockroach nightmares anymore. Crushing these sneaky invaders under your boots is a starting point to getting rid of roaches. In addition to that, a deep thorough cleaning of your home can help reduce numbers as well. Cleaning up and removing food sources and water sources can go a long way to help keep roach populations from spreading out of control.

However, the best roach removal option is to call a Rove Cockroach Specialist to provide the expertise and service to remove these grotesque bugs from your home. Call the Detroit Cockroach removal specialists at Rove Pest Control today to learn how to start the roach removal process today.


Rove specialists are well-aware of the various nesting sites of wasps and hornets. In fact, we come equipped with tools to reach these nests that are 20 feet from the ground or buried deep underneath it. Call Rove today and let us end the game with wasps and hornets.

We are so confident in our service that we guarantee it! If a customer is dissatisfied with their service, we will return at no charge.

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Watch our Video!

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