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Detroit Wasp Control

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You thought that only thing you had to worry about in Detroit was the traffic, but when you set up your picnic table and grill in the backyard, you had a different kind of traffic jam you need to deal with.

Your relaxing afternoon wasn’t interrupted by rain, but by wasps and hornets. They were buzzing above your guests’ heads waiting for an opportunity to take a good bite of hamburger and snag a sip of their drinks.

Wasp and Hornet Diet and Habits

Wasps and hornets are scavengers no matter where they live. While many wasp and hornet species strictly eat nectar, their larvae need to feed on protein, which typically comes from the source of other insects.  Adult wasps and hornets will hunt for insects to feed their young. Their motivation for doing the bidding of the young is driven by a sweet nectar secretion that the larva produces after being fed.

This is why you will find yellow jackets and other wasps swarming sugary drinks, hot dogs and hamburgers. If they can get some of the sweet nectar from your soda can, they can bypass their biological exchange. If they can get a bite of your grilled meat, they have something to exchange back at the nest. You will most likely find yellow jackets around garbage cans in picnic areas or hovering above your spring meal.

Many wasp species live above ground. The paper wasp, for example, uses wood and plants to build nests in trees and building eaves (which hold only about 75 members at the most.) Typically they try and build nests away from people, but if they have a food source and close by building materials for their nests, they can invade places near your home.

Some species build large nests (up to 5,000 members) and they often build them underground or in protected voids. They have also been known to use rotted trees, natural caverns, and some even settle inside wall voids.

How to Avoid Hornet or Wasp Stings

The best advice you can get for not getting attacked by wasps and hornets is to keep your distance. Keep away from garbage cans that have become havens for wasps and hornets.

Don’t wear bright clothing or use cologne or perfume as these can also attract wasps and hornets in search of flowers and nectar. If you smell like a flower and deny them the nectar they seek, you are likely to be punished by their stinger.

Proper sanitation after your picnics and barbecues will prevent the wasps and hornets from being attracted to your summer fun. If you do end up attracting wasps or hornets to you, it’s best to leave them alone. Don’t try and swat them away if you can help it as that can lead them to fight back.

Also, be careful during your morning yard work. Lawn mowers can disturb ground-nesting hornets and wasps. Yellow jackets are particularly aggressive; they’re not going to be forgiving when your lawn mower disturbs them.

Since hornets and wasps are very aggressive by nature, we recommend having a pest control service treat for any issues. Detroit pest control companies like Rove Pest Control have the proper safety equipment and products to remove wasps and hornets.

What to do About Detroit Wasps and Hornets

Even though most wasps and hornets die during the cold Detroit winters, new queens can survive by nesting in protected places such as under the bark of trees, or in cracks and crevices around structures like your house.

The heat radiating from your home by the central heating can provide ideal over-wintering conditions for wasp and hornet queens to stay healthy until springtime. Queens left unchecked can lead to increased levels of wasp and hornet issues around your home throughout spring and summer.

With your spring and summer activities under a constant threat from wasps and hornets it’s hard to focus on the fun. But there’s a way you can relax and enjoy summer without worrying about what you’re wearing or where you’re sitting.

Don’t wait for the problem to get out of hand before you call a professional. Trying to approach the nest yourself and on your own can leave you with several stings or worse if you happen to be allergic. If you see any indication of a wasp nest, call a Detroit Wasp Control professional at Rove Pest Control to solve your wasp and hornet problems.

Rove Knows

Rove specialists are well-aware of the various nesting sites of wasps and hornets. In fact, we come equipped with tools to reach these nests that are 20 feet from the ground or buried deep underneath it. Call Rove today and let us end the game with wasps and hornets.

We are so confident in our service that we guarantee it! If a customer is dissatisfied with their service, we will return at no charge.

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