Are Ants Deaf?

By | Ants

Have you ever thought about how funny an ant would look with human-style ears? I imagine dangly ears would at least make it harder for them to squeeze in and out of picnic baskets. That being said, do ants have earholes, do they hear through their antennae, or how do…

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Do Rats Use Tools?

By | Rodent

Rats. At a glimpse, they have a terrible reputation as filthy and disease-ridden creatures that invade households, businesses and city streets in search of food, water, and shelter. While this tends to be true about rats, we overlook a rat’s best survivalist tool’s social behavior and intelligence. We assume tool…

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Ode to Roaches

By | roaches

A Roach Poem Little roach out on the floor Just a nymph not quite full grown Out of darkness to explore the great wide open, alone It is meal time for this roach Avoids the stomp of a shoe Where crumbs fall it will approach even if its out in…

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