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What Termite Treatment is Most Effective

When you hear termites, you think of movie action scenes where platforms are crumpling under the heroes feet. Unfortunately, termites are just as destructive as imagined. What is the most effective termite treatment for your home and business?

Peak inside a termite nest

What are the signs of termites?

Termite mud tube

Termites can be sneaky and their signs may stay hidden (especially for untrained eyes). Nonetheless, keep an eye out for:

  • mud tubes
  • fecal pellets
  • discarded wings
  • alates
  • frass
  • wood damage that looks like grooves

Knowing the signs will help determine the most effective termite treatment.

What are the different termite treatment types?

Termite treatments will vary with each professional matching their tools, equipment, and expertise to the structure and infestation level. One or more of the following are most common:

  • liquid rod and trench
  • heat
  • ground baiting
  • fumigation
  • spot treatments

While there isn’t a single mot effective termite treatment, pairing the right treatment with the situation is key.

Termite nest in the wild

How do you know which treatment is best for your home?

In many instances, there are a variety of treatments that will work for a given home or business. The key to finding out which is best is consulting with a professional on the following points:

  • cost
  • How long the damage has been occurring
  • guarantee
  • type of termite present
  • prep work needed
  • structural alterations required
  • time required for the structure to be absent

While determining which points are most important to you, your termite professional can weigh in on how it relates to choosing the most effective termite treatment.

What are the costs of termite treatments?

Effective termite treatments will range in cost from a few hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars. Contributing elements include:

  • size of structure (usually priced per linear foot)
  • type of termite
  • type of treatment
  • competitiveness of market
  • estimated infestation level

When able, it is best to determine the most effective termite treatment and choose it over the cheapest option. Remember that damage done by termites costs a lot more than getting rid of them early or preventing them.

What are some of the needed precautions for a termite infestation?

Termites do not eat people luckily

Since termites don’t do any direct harm to people, the main focus for termite precautions are structural protection. Damage done to individual pieces of the structure are a concern. Additionally, any areas being eaten that are an integral part of the structural integrity should be considered.

Terminating Termites

dead termites are the best kind

Termites cause an estimated $5 billion dollars of damage annually. When considering the costs and types of treatments, select the one that best protects your home and business. There are better places to save money. Keep in mind that more expensive isn’t inherently better. Consult Rove Pest Control’s national termite professional provider database to find the best fit for your needs.