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How Does Your Emotional Response to Pests Stack Up?

In recent studies, Pest Strategies researchers dug into which pests elicit the strongest emotional response in US citizens. Fortunately for our entertainment, they did not stop there. They also compiled the most commonly reported first reactions to pests. How does your emotional response to pests stack up?

The Pests

With a list of pests ranging from spiders to ants to roaches and rodents, it was interesting to see the top 3.

drum roll…

  • Cockroaches
  • Rodents
  • Spiders

If you are wondering which pest was #1 in Michigan, it was no different from the US combined – Roaches.

The Reaction

When looking at 1st reactions to seeing a pest, the consensus was:

  • Grossed out
  • Find something to kill it
  • Flee
  • Jump
  • Slight annoyance
  • Audible scream

The Curious

Interestingly, people were more likely to throw something at a pest rather than call a pest control company. This seems like a potential for harm to electronics, furniture, and delicate decorations worthy of reconsideration. Perhaps knowing that this is how we behave in a hot emotional state, we are better off having pest control in place ahead of time to avoid getting grossed out or tossing Tacos at pests that want to invade and interrupt our lives. Reach out to Rove Pest Control before you find yourself jumping in fright and fleeing the scene.