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How Are Mice Getting Inside?

With the reported hantavirus case in Michigan this year, many are correctly paying more attention to rodents. Sure they are cute and make lovely movie characters, but we need to be collectively vigilant to protect our public health. Mice are always going to be around, but how are mice getting inside?

Cute little brown mouse snacking on a large cookie.

The Door

When we have issues with mice or any other invader, our brains have a tendency to create an overly complex narrative. We tend to think that there is some mystical force at play that is allowing entry via some unknowable portal. The reality is that mice are quite opportunistic. They learn their surroundings thoroughly and are quick to slip (or jump) in through a door that is swinging shut.

In some cases, it may be the seal or sweep at the bottom of the door that needs to be replaced. During a meeting with a bakery, I suggested that doors may be the issue. They vehemently denied this possibility. After 30 minutes of inspection, I saw employees propping open the back door for a smoke break. Yup. The doors as the culprit.

One Quarter of an Inch

That bakery door was only propped open with a small rock. I have been in apartments where people are propping doors open with folded pieces of paper. Oftentimes there is no visible gap on the side of the door, but at the bottom corner, there is a quarter-inch gap. That is all that mice need to gain entry. If they can get their tiny little head through, the rest of the body can follow.

Shared Walls

Let’s assume that you are super vigilant and keep all doors shut all of the time and nothing manages to get in through the door. Where else are they coming from? Before we dive into really technical inspection points, the next question that I ask is always related to shared walls.

I was just at a duplex last night of an elderly couple that I help out whenever I can. They were getting mice coming in and wanted to know how they could get in. They thought that since they moved from an old home to new construction, the mice would be blocked off. Regardless of the grade of construction, mice find a way….inside.

We went through and identified a few areas they could be getting in, but the most likely scenario is they will always have susceptibility due to shared walls with a neighbor. It just provides elements they cannot control.

What To Do…

Since mice will always be around, constant control measures are the way to go. Regular inspections will identify vulnerabilities that can be addressed early before they worsen or are taken advantage of. Additionally, simply putting control measures in place on the exterior of the home and easy access points such as sheds and garages will keep the population low and keep the pressure off of the home.

The best part of the entire equation is you don’t have to go to rodent control night classes or burn the midnight oil on online courses. The experts at Rove Pest control can match a control measure to your needs to keep the worry off of your mind and keep the focus on maintaining and improving public health (in addition to yours).