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Who’s Visiting For The Holidays?

It’s winter time and we are all excited for the holidays, or at least we normally are. We typically gather with family and eat delicious food, but will we be doing so this year? I’m sure some of us will, and some of us won’t. Either way, we end up going on this decision, we decorate the house and bake sweet treats to share (even if that is sharing with my later self and nobody else). With all these fun activities happening around us, we don’t think about the other unexpected guests who may join us for the holidays and beyond. So we ask, “who’s visiting for the holidays?”

Worse Visitors Than Uncle Eddie

We all love company for the Holidays. But some visitors may be unwelcome. Those crawling bugs, flying insects, and sneaky rodents want a warm spot by the fireplace and are relentless when finding a way to stay warm and fed. Sneaking in through open doors or riding down the chimney with Santa, pests can quickly take up residence and become a nuisance to any homeowner.

Detroits Least Wanted

Some pests are more of an issue during the holiday season than others. Some bring with them a much larger set of problems than others. Still others are barely worth mentioning such as the beetle or two that were hanging out on that old pine tree you hacked down and drug into your front room. The pests to be most concerned about this holiday season include:

  • Mice – most likely to sneak in from outside but may ride in on something brought inimage of mouse easting a cookie
  • Bed Bugs – most likely to hitchhike in on someone or something during holiday travelimage of a tick
  • Pantry Pests – most likely to come in along with specialty grains or seasoning
  • Ants – usually awakened by slight spikes in temperature from inside or out.              ant control
  • Spiders – probably confused why they were such a hit at Halloween but not anymorejumping spider

Holiday Pest Prevention

Food, water, and shelter are basic needs of all living things. When those elements become less available outside, pests explore our homes. When cooking for your friends and family (or even just yourself – because you definitely deserve it), make sure that food is properly stored and surfaces are cleaned thoroughly. Yummy sweets and juicy meats can quickly become a delicious meal for an unexpected guest. So, while you’re leaving out cookies for Santa, be sure he’s the only visitor you’ll be feeding. Contact our pest prevention experts at Rove Pest Control to develop a plan that best fits your needs. Most importantly, enjoy your holidays without the worry of unwanted house guests.