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How High Can Mice Jump?

Mouse droppings in the cupboard. How did they get there? In the world of pests, we see loads of droppings in odd places. People want to know how the rodent got in there. The answer is simple: they jumped. Inevitably, they ask in astonishment, how high can mice jump?

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Just How High Can Mice Jump?

The answer is, for their size, very high. In fact, if you scaled a mouse’s size to a human, it would be like a basketball player jumping OVER the hoop! This is quite the feat and deserves reconsidering what we envision when we think of Mighty Mouse.

Mice can jump 10 inches from a standstill, and over 24 inches if they get a running start. This enables them to access places that you wouldn’t think they’d be able to. Mice will resort to some daredevil tactics to obtain food or shelter that seems to us to be out of their reach.

Easy Access

Many would think that mice only enter homes and other structures at ground level, but this is just not so. With their great jumping abilities, along with their ability to climb virtually straight up on rough/textured surfaces, they can gain access almost anywhere.

It’s a good idea to keep any trees, bushes and other foliage near the house trimmed back so they can’t climb upbroken window sealand jump onto the roof. Also, watch out for wires or hoses that they can easily run along. Sometimes access points they travel to can be piping entry points themselves or other structural elements such as windows.

Think in 3 Dimensions

When tracking where mice are going and where they came from, it is important to think in 3 dimensions. We tend to think more horizontally than anything else when we track pests, but this leads to missing key clues. Every 10-24 inches is another playing field in the world of mice. Getting on their level will lead to more discoveries on ways to stop them and keep them from coming back.

Exclusion Is Key

The best way to keep mice out of your home is to have a professional pest control company perform exclusion procedures to plug holes that mice can get into. Not just around the foundation, but also areas higher up on the home that they can use their jumping abilities to access.

Rove Pest Control can do just that, as well as place bait stations around the home to monitor for activity, and work to get rid of any mouse populations to avoid making your home, their home. As a full-service pest control provider, Rove’s rodent team has access to all of the products, background and experiential knowledge, and service know-how to keep rodents off your radar.

Whether you need some advice, identification assistance, an inspection, or full service, Rove Pest Control can help. Reach out today to schedule an appointment today.