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Ode to Roaches

image of a cockroach

A Roach Poem

Little roach out on the floor Just a nymph not quite full grown Out of darkness to explore the great wide open, alone

It is meal time for this roach Avoids the stomp of a shoe Where crumbs fall it will approach even if its out in view

We caught you roach, time to go from this life you’ll go away Take your friends they are our foe With Rove’s treatment, gone you’ll stay

Seriously, Roaches Must Go

While it’s fun to learn about roaches and think up odd rhymes about them, they are a nuisance in more ways than one. They reproduce quickly and spread germs and disease wherever they go. Allowing even a few roaches to hang around threatens to allow the population to get out of control quickly. Keep in mind, they like to stay where they feel pressure on all sides of their body and prefer the cover of night. This means if you are seeing roaches out and about, their population is pushing them out of their comfort zone. By the time they are seen, they are typically well established. Oftentimes you will see their droppings before you see actual roaches.

Removing Food Sources

Roaches are highly dependent on food sources. Keep food off-limits by:

  • sealing it in airtight containers
  • keeping crumbs cleaned up including behind and under appliances
  • keeping stove and oven catch dishes and basins cleaned and degreased
  •  degreasing walls, floors, appliances, and bottoms of cabinets

Remember that it does not take much food for roaches to flourish. Once the battle has begun, be diligent in starving them out.

Call In The Pros

Cockroach control is often quite frustrating. Don’t feel like you have to tackle this on your own. The roach experts at Rove Pest Control can guide you through the process of:

  • identifying the type of roach
  • formulating a plan for effective and efficient roach removal
  • setting up cleaning and sanitation guidelines
  • performing exclusion work to minimize roach access
  • carrying out the control process from beginning to end