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What do roach droppings look like?

From an awareness and the ability to react quickly, it would be nice if roaches would simply post a sign saying, “we have moved in.’ In the absence of such an absurdity, roaches do in fact leave a pretty blatant sign that they are around – their feces. What do roach droppings look like?

Variation in Appearance

image of cockroaches
droppings with roaches on a glue board

Roach droppings will vary in size, shape, and color from one species and environment to another. They will vary in size from small flakes that look like pepper flakes to small, blunt-ended rods. They can look quite similar to mouse droppings, but they are not tapered on the ends as mice droppings are. The coloration is brown to black.

Location (clues)

Roaches defecate where they squeeze in and out of things. Therefore, their droppings act as clues as to where they:

  • hide
  • travel
  • find food


Unfortunately, roaches like to eat just about anything organic. They don’t care much if there are things rotting around their food. They will eat out of garbages and sewers just as happily as we would eat at a fine restaurant. The pathogens found in, on and around their food will stay with them and their droppings wherever left.

When you encounter roach droppings, view them as disease piles. Use care when cleaning and removing them. Use a HEPA filtered vacuum to remove them. Wash the area with warm soapy water to remove the residue and germs that could cause issues.

A sign to start the control

Most importantly, roach droppings should look like a clear sign to start the control now. Don’t wait until there are more droppings or live sightings. An earlier start on roach control means faster results as well as lower cost of control.

Look to the experts for help

Whether you simply have questions about where to start or what to use, or if you want to hand such an issue off to someone else, the roach experts at Rove Pest Control are ready and willing to help. Reach out to us today to determine the best path to a roach dropping free dwelling.