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Does Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs?

By | Bed Bugs

When bed bugs make their way into your safe space, you want them gone as quickly as possible. Since alcohol can be used to kill small organisms that would infect your body, does alcohol kill bed bugs? It’s Not All About Sanitation Bed bugs do not depend on the lack…

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Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs?

By | Uncategorized

With the rapid spread of bed bugs throughout the country and the news, it seems these small creatures are nearly indestructible. On the flip side, bleach seems to be able to knock out the strongest of competitors. So in a fair bout, does bleach kill bed bugs? Bleach vs Bed…

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Do Ants Eat Bed Bugs?

By | Ants, Bed Bugs

An article from the Salt Lake Tribune from 1907 claimed that train operators were able to rid their train of bed bugs by releasing some black ants into the infested caboose. Using ants to get rid of bed bugs sounds great, but do ants eat bed bugs?  Which ants would…

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How to Keep Rats Out of the Garage

By | Rodent

Garages are meant for storage, sheltered protection, and hobbies…not for rats. Unfortunately, the things that make the garage a suitable place for a car also make it suitable for a rat.  Here is how to keep rats out of the garage. Exclusion Exclusion efforts refer to blocking off potential entry…

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Vole Traps and Baits

By | Rodent, voles

Voles can be one of the more confusing pests to encounter. However, proper identification combined with the right baits and traps are the keys to success. Let’s review the key points regarding vole traps and baits. Identification First of all, let’s understand what a vole is and what it is…

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