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Why Are Bees Swarming My Tree?

As we move into the fall season, we experience some of the best that Detroit has to offer. Unfortunately, this weather causes insects to change their behavior in sometimes alarming ways. Box elder bugs and Asian beetles swarm, mice move indoors, and wasps go crazy. Some of these things seem normal, but why are bees swarming my tree?

Bees vs Wasps

It is always important to accurately distinguish between wasps and bees. Wasps will swarm structures in the fall to take advantage of the warmth of the sun for themselves or for its attractiveness to their prey. Bees on the other hand swarm as the workers follow a queen en route to a new location.

honey bee on a flower
paper wasp

Probably Not Here To Stay

While wasps are going to hang around as long as they can before they starve or freeze to death, the honey bees are typically just passing through. In most cases, they will be gone by the next day. In a few cases, they may rest for a handful of days before moving on. In rare circumstances, they will want to set up a hive on that spot.

When To Act

If you are being swarmed by wasps, you may take comfort in knowing that they will be gone in a few weeks as the freeze comes along. If you are being swarmed by bees, just keep an eye on them and contact a beekeeper if they do not move in in a day or two.

Knowing exactly when to do something about insects and when to ignore them can be a difficult guessing game for many. This is especially true from person to person especially where allergies or health concerns come into play. If you are ever in doubt, the stinging insect experts at Rove Pest Control are here to help. Just give us a call and we can get you the info and plan you need for peace of mind and maximum Autumn enjoyment.