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Where do I look for bed bugs?

With a name like bed bug, it seems like the answer to finding them is right in the name. The confusion arises when we try and dive in beyond the obvious. Are they on the bed, under the bed, deep inside the mattress, etc.? Where do I look for bed bugs? 

It’s not always the bed

The most important thing to remember is that keeping too much focus on the bed can lead an inspection astray. Yes, bed bugs are efficient creatures that like to be close to the host when they are most susceptible, but that could be the super comfy chair in the house that is the source of binging all the best shows. 

Don’t forget to look up

I have seen several bed bug populations go unnoticed initially because we tend to look down when we are looking for crawling insects and up for flying insects. While bed bugs don’t fly (I’m so grateful for this fact), they are great at crawling up and in between things. As bed bugs squeeze in and out of tight places such as the seam between the ceiling and walls, they will squeeze out a fecal dropping. These will collect around the frequent pathways bed bugs take revealing their presence. 

The age of technology

For the longest time, bed bugs didn’t have much place other than a bed to hide out in. it was either the bedding or the cave wall. As we have progressed technologically, we have begun to decorate our walls, add complexity to our bedding, and keep electronics in our sleeping and resting quarters. Bed bugs will hide in any crack, crevice, seam, etc. that provides concealment while they await their next meal. This may be the box spring, the alarm clock, the head board, the painting on the wall, the tread in your shoe, just about anything they can nestle into. 

Signs vs bugs

While finding an adult bed bug is a great goal, there are many other things to hunt for besides the watermelon seed shaped adults. We have already covered the fecal clues which look like flakes of pepper, but the complete list to hunt for includes: 

Be cautious on relying too much on bites. There are far too many insects, arachnids, allergic reactions, diseases, etc. that can mimic a bed bug bite. Bites should only be considered in conjunction with other signs indicating bed bugs. 

Finding peace

Bed bugs are one of those insects that tend to give people the willies. I am not sure why they are perceived as worse than mosquitoes which not only fly, but also transmit a host of diseases, but it is what it is. Before your skin starts to crawl with thoughts of these creatures sharing your resting space, set up an inspection with one of Rove Pest Control‘s bed bug specialists who can dive into the inspection with years of experience backing their efforts and either leave you with the peace of mind and rest you deserve or the quickest path to a bed bug free home or establishment possible.