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How Many Wasps Is Too Many?

My 3 children ran out the door to play some backyard soccer, so I assumed I would have a few minutes to relax. I assumed incorrectly when they came stumbling into the house 2 minutes later reporting a wasp sighting. The youngest was in a state of fear while the other two have learned wasps are fun and something to be curious about. The different thresholds made me wonder about different reactions. For you, how many wasps are too many?

Solitary wasps can be quite striking

Health Considerations

For most of us, a sting is an unpleasant but fleeting experience. For others, it can lead to severe reactions of an anaphylactic nature. For many, there is a mental well-being aspect to having wasps around.

On the positive side, wasps can contribute to pollination and consuming other unwanted pests. Additionally, it depends on the type of wasp. Some wasps such as a male cicada killer don’t even have the ability to sting.

Structural Points

Wasps are master nest builders. In some cases, the nests can interfere with aesthetics which is not a trivial element for our homes or businesses. Additionally, wasps may build nests in places that interfere with important functions such as:

Bald Faced Hornets nest blocking a sliding glass door
  • ventilation ducts
  • sliding and swinging doors
  • windows
  • vehicle compartments
  • outlets


Proximity to different people or parts of the property can be key considerations. If the wasps are so high up that they are out of reach and nobody sees them unless they are really trying, they are not worth worrying about.

If the wasps are on a part of the property that people seldom if ever visit, they are probably fine to be left alone.

This can all change depending on how far they are traveling to pick up food and resources. Sometimes a nest that is on the back corner of a 2 acre property will be obsessed with joining pool parties, deck gatherings, and other humanly social events. In these instances, the first few wasp arrivals may be reason enough to start the investigation.

Starting The Countdown

Protective clothing makes nest removal more relaxing

Whether you are at the breaking point with hundreds of wasps sneaking up on you, wondering what steps to follow to eliminate wasps, or you are at no current wasp sightings and would like to keep it that way, we have the tools and plan for you. Contact a Rove Pest Control wasp specialist today to dial in the details of your personal wasp control plan.