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Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs?

With the rapid spread of bed bugs throughout the country and the news, it seems these small creatures are nearly indestructible. On the flip side, bleach seems to be able to knock out the strongest of competitors. So in a fair bout, does bleach kill bed bugs?

Bleach vs Bed Bugs — The Cage

Imagine putting bleach and bed bugs head to head inside of a cage. Bleach does have the potential to come out the victor. All bleach needs are one solid shot. This shot could leave the bed bug down for the count and out for good. Bleach is definitely strong enough to kill bed bugs.

The Timer

Time is going to be on the side of the bed bug. Bed bugs can hang out in their defensive hiding positions for days on end. As bleach enters the cage – wherever that may be within your home, it immediately begins to dry. Wet bleach dousing a bed bug is great, but the dried remnants of bleach let the bed bug run free.

Outside The Cage

Just as bleach can be a great and lethal force against bed bugs in its wake, bleach has no impact on bed bugs outside of its reach. Bleach may thoroughly annihilate the few daring opponents who venture out into the open, but those hanging back will be free and clear.

Bleach – Limited Admittance

Despite bleach’s potential for success in the head to head matchup, it has been banned from several venues. Bed bugs are well aware of these scenarios and they like to hang out where bleach can’t go. Venues such as wall voids, the interior of a mattress, the innards of electronics such as alarm clocks, clocks, TVs, etc. are all places where bleach can’t get in.

The Role Of The Expert Coach

If you choose bleach for the bed bug battle, know that it is up to your diligence and expertise in seeking out every single fight available in your dwelling. If you miss just one bed bug, the bed bugs end up the victor. A single impregnated female can bring the population right back up in a matter of weeks.

If you are battling bed bugs or know someone who is, reach out to the Bed Bug experts at Rove Pest Control. Our years of experience battling bed bugs makes us a formidable opponent. We end the battle quickly so you can return to peaceful rest and peace of mind.